Writing Playlist: Songs of Strength

I recently attended a memorial service for someone gone far too soon. The loss of one so beloved, plus my friends, bereaved but staying strong, have inspired me to focus more closely on what matters in my life.

I never took myself to be the sort of person who takes things for granted. I have a great relationship with my parents, I do my utmost to maintain my relationships with my friends, I make sure to have time every day for the hobbies that I love. But when an unexpected tragedy strikes, the fear of our own mortality can strike. This has been a strange series of days–two funerals and one memorial service, all on the same Tuesday, and all with people who are in my life. When this happens, it shouldn’t go unnoticed, so I wanted to take this opportunity to share some songs that will hopefully help get you through whatever life has tossed into your path. They’ve surely helped me.

You are strong. You are loved.

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