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Writing Playlist I Love Trance

Music for Productivity

These writing playlists have all been useful, one way or another–helping you pace an action sequence, capture the darkness of your villain, or even capture the emotions needed for a tear-jerker. But what about productivity?

I listened to a lot of techno and trance when I was around the age of 16. This was when Robert Miles and Darude found their way to my local Top 40 radio station with their songs “Children” and “Sandstorm.” Then I found myself exploring electronic music and listening to it more and more, especially when I did my homework or worked on my short stories.

More recently, I started listening to trance music while I worked on actual work–like work-work, as in professional career work. That’s when I noticed how much stuff I was getting done. Items kept getting checked off my list. I was focused, productive, and totally rocking out–all at the same time.

So I bequeath to you all songs that I’ve been jamming to lately, songs that have made my work life much more productive. Here’s to reaching your word count goals, checking things off of your lists, and grooving in your rolly desk chair while you rock out like a boss.


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