TLN Predictions for #SilhouetteWatch

If you’re anything like us, you’re totally freaking out over the new Critical Role campaign. We’re all super excited, not least of all because it means that our beloved Lady Hawkeye can watch live for the first time (she’s still catching up). We’ve had fun speculating for a while now, so here are our current predictions for #SilhouetteWatch.

Here’s the now infamous photo for reference. We’ll move left to right with our predictions.

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Lady Dynamo’s Predictions

  • Taliesin: Tiefling Warlock
    • Why: those sweet horn piercings SCREAM Taliesin and he’s basically a real life Warlock so this just makes sense and seems like a no-brainer, which probably means we’re all wrong.
  • Marisha: Human Monk
    • Why: I know a lot of people have been saying Laura on this one because the silhouette looks like Laura, but I know Marisha has talked about liking Monks and I feel like this is DEFINITELY a monk, so Marisha makes the most sense to me.
  • Travis: Human (or Werewolf?) Fighter
    • Why: we might all be typecasting Travis on this one to be honest; I’m HOPING he’s going to be a werewolf based on his love of them and he definitely looks like a fighter, though I also like Lady Foxcraft’s class prediction.
  • Liam: Human
    • Why: this one is sort of a gut feeling, and I can’t fully explain why this one feels like Liam to me; I’m undecided on class here, but I’m thinking Human for the Race. No visible weapons, so a caster of some sort.
  • Sam: Kobold (please be a Kobold!) Rogue
    • Why: because Sam will always be the one to go way outside the box. The feet and clawed hands make me think Kobold, or some other atypical Race; I’m really hoping for Kobold. Hooded, so I’m thinking Rogue.
  • Laura: Tiefling Sorcerer
    • Why: definitely looks like horns on this one, though there’s no tail visible in the Silhouette. Laura has commented on liking Tieflings so I’m pegging this one for her. I’m thinking caster since there are no visible weapons and since there’s no book visible, I’m voting Sorcerer
  • Ashley: Half-Orc Barbarian
    • Why: I think Ash was ready to be a full-on MONSTAH and break away from the role of “party mom” that Pike filled. I’m thinking Half-Orc based on height and hoping she’ll go full-on Barbarian.

Lady Foxcraft’s Predictions

  • Taliesin: Tiefling; Melee fighter with magic, maybe a Paladin?
    • Reasoning: I think I can see a scimitar at his back, and Tieflings have a bonus with Charisma. Methinks a Paladin!
  • Marisha: Wood Elf or Human Monk
    • Yep. Look at that stance! Plus she’s mentioned that she digs monks. (My first D&D character was a monk, and she kicked so much ass SEVERAL TIMES PER ROUND BECAUSE KI POINTS.)
  • Travis: Human BLOODHUNTER
    • He’s totally a Bloodhunter! Matt’s just updated the class specs, and Travis totally dug the class.
  • Liam: Human Cleric
    • Don’t see any weapons, and I think he would make a great supplementary character to the team (heals + dps).
  • Sam: Kobold Rogue
    • Lady Dynamo and I 100% agree on this one!
  • Laura: Tiefling Sorcerer
    • Laura as a caster would be so BOSS. And she loves Tieflings!
  • Ashley: Half-Orc Barbarian

Lady Hawkeye’s Predictions

I’m definitely NOT the Critical Role expert compared to my esteemed cowriters, especially considering I’m still working on getting caught up. Also, unlike my friends, I have no idea what the actors like or don’t like…because I haven’t watched Talks Machina or any interviews for fear of spoilers as I finish the original story arc. Soooooo, yeah. Here goes:

  • Taliesin: Tiefling Warlock
    • Why: Honestly, I just want to see him go full Goth. I enjoyed his dark-edged arc with Percy and would love to watch him dig deep into all the character goodness a Tiefling Warlock would bring
  • Laura: Human Monk
    • Why: Okay, going against the girls here and therefore am probably almost certainly totally wrong. I can’t get over how much the silhouette looks like Laura…and she’d make such a cool Monk.
  • Travis: Lycan Bloodhunter
    • Why: Matt made this…and it’s perfect for Travis. Finger crossed for this one because it would be SO COOL. And would allow Travis to be more of a strategist (if a little unpredictable and/or insane) for the group, which his previous character made nearly impossible.
  • Liam: Human Cleric (Trickery Domain)
    • Why: Matt might have to home-brew the Trickery stuff to be a little less broken, but otherwise, I’m so excited about this idea. It was fun watching Liam play an evil child not so long ago, so a little dark mischief laced into his character this time could be awesome!
  • Marisha: Kobold Rogue
    • Why: Keyleth, meet your opposite. I don’t have a very convincing reason here…I just like this idea. I think Marisha would do great taking something opposite to what she was doing before (especially if she’s really missing Keyleth), and this would be an interesting one.
  • Ashley: Tiefling Sorcerer
    • I just…like this for her. Also, if you think Ashley can’t make literally ANY character into a super awesome MONSTAH…then you’re wrong. Because she can. Because she’s amazing.
  • SAM: Half-orc Barbarian (Female)
    • Okay, so I agree with Lady Dynamo about Sam playing against type. Sooooo, I think him taking on a female role (especially one so physically strong and opposite to his previous character) would be fantastic.

Final Thoughts

No matter how right or wrong these predictions are, we know it’ll turn out awesome. Mercer is an amazing storyteller and will enrapture us all once again. The rest of the cast are all phenomenal actors and wonderful people so there’s no doubt at all that we will fall in love with them all over again as they explore these new characters. We would love to see them shock us all and play counter to type and predictions. We’ll also be really gleeful if we got even one prediction right.

Tell us in the comments what your predictions are!

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