Time Bangers: A Review of Time-Travel and Sexy Times

Timebangers review

One Does Not Simply Walk into Tudor is the first book in the Time Bangers series by Ivery Kirk and Luna Teague. Yes, Time Bangers is exactly what it sounds like: erotica with time travel.

Ten years after abandoning their wild sorority life for unfulfilling attempts at adulthood, history buff Beth and science whiz Tawny reunite to jumpstart their flagging love lives—by embarking on a time-traveling sex spree!

In this first installment of a new series, Tawny plans a “maiden” voyage to England in the Year of Our Lord 1536, for a steamy encounter with none other than Henry VIII. But when she and Beth are accused of espionage and witchcraft, their pleasure cruise becomes a storm of danger, intrigue, and way too much spiced wine.

Will our heroines bask in kingly kisses and royal romps… or be burned at the stake? Find out in TimeBangers Volume 1: One Does Not Simply Walk Into Tudor!

Kirk and Teague write with a delightful wit and humor. There were several scenes that had me in stitches. I mean, there’s a chapter titled “In Which Beth Learns that Bitches be Cray-Cray”. How could you not giggle at that? I also learned a few new favorite swears.

In the beginning of the book there is a handy index for those readers who would prefer to skip straight to the juicy bits. The erotic scenes strike a difficult balance. They manage to be satisfyingly descriptive without being overly graphic.

The only complaint I had was that it seemed to take a really long time to get to the actual time travel. BUT. This is the first book, laying the ground work, and I suspect that future books will get straight to wibbley-wobbley-timey-wimey adventures post haste.

Overall, Time Bangers gets Lady Dynamo’s stamp of approval!

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  • I really enjoyed Time Bangers too! Totally agree with you about the lengthy first part, but I suppose in the context of a complete series maybe on a percentage basis it’s not so bad!

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