This Week’s High-Speed Chase: Samhain Edition

This Week's High-Speed Chase - Samhain

I love Halloween. Even as an adult, I look forward to this holiday every year. I blame my Irish roots; appreciation for this time of year is in my blood.

Explore the history of Halloween here, compliments of You’ll find that Halloween’s origins reach back to the ancient Celtic tradition called Samhain (pronounced sow-in), which focused on the end of the harvest and the imminent arrival of winter.

The Huffington Post, back in 2013, compiled some factoids about the holiday that are fun to explore.

Something else that’s fun to explore is how candy corn is made!!

For my fellow literary minds, Writer’s Relief has a great post, “7 Spine-Chilling Stories From The Author’s You’d Least Suspect,” featuring the likes of Rudyard Kipling, Roald Dahl, and Nathaniel Hawthorne!

Mental Floss has 55 Awesome Halloween Costumes. My favorite is the couple costume, Dorian Gray and His Picture.

Watch all of your favorite scary movies (“Hello, Sydney.”), eat a crapton of candy, and wear rad costumes. Have a safe holiday, folks, and enjoy my Halloween-inspired playlist below! (Warning: My playlist has a LOT of Danny Elfman, as it should.)

Oh, and make sure you brush your teeth.

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