The Lady Nerds Review: Novelize, the Online Writing Platform

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Novelize: The Online Writing Platform

Novelize is a writing interface that you didn’t know you needed. At least, that’s how it’s been with me. It’s light, clean, easy to use, and really fun.

Just so we’re clear, I am a staunch supporter of Scrivener. It’s a software that I’ve used for years, and I absolutely love it. Now, with that said, I am head-over-heels for Novelize. Think of Novelize as Scrivener on-the-go. It’s 100% online, mobile and tablet friendly, and with you wherever you go. So to all of you Scrivener users out there: give Novelize a true, genuine chance. If you’re like me, Novelize will wow you.


Novelize has interfaces for outlines, character charts, scene summaries, and even details about settings (and that’s only naming a few). You can also quickly and easily reorder scenes and chapters, drag-‘n-drop style.

One of my favorite aspects of Novelize is that there isn’t an option to change the font. I know, some of you are panicking because you love your fonts just so, but so do I. When I started using Novelize, do you know what happened? I started writing. I didn’t begin by setting my font specs, which can take me quite a while when I’m not sure what I want. I’m mercurial with my fonts, what can I say. But Novelize didn’t give me a choice–so I just started writing. Hello, productivity!

Tracking your progress and setting your goals are essential tools for any writer, and Novelize provides both features. You’ll also receive a weekly email giving you the breakdown of your work and progress.

Various modes for writing include Outline Mode, Plan Mode, and Write Mode. You can also use “Distraction Free” to remove the left and right columns of the interface, allowing you to focus on the writing task at hand without the peripheral stuff taking your eyes off the prize.

Another perk? It saves as you go. Nice.

Why I Love Novelize

Not only is the interface incredibly easy to use right away, but it’s portable. As long as there’s internet, it’s compatible on any device, anywhere, anytime. I can work on my desktop at home, take my MacBook to my favorite coffee shop, and even edit on my smartphone while I wait for an appointment. (I can even sneak and write on my computer at work, but shhhhh.)

Plus all of my notes are saved right alongside my manuscript, so they’re always with me no matter what device I’m on.


In addition to there being a free version, keeping you to one novel, one notebook, and limited features, there are two paid modes that give you unlimited novels and notebooks and all available features: Monthly, for $5, or Annually, for $45. And guess what? Novelize has a 17-day free trial, with access to every feature, so that you can figure out of Novelize is right for you.

Give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed.

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