NaNoWriMo Prep: Word Count Comfort

Is 50,000 words really a novel? There are some out there *points at self* who are concerned with the novel produced through the annual November writing marathon in terms of its word count–50,000 words is, in my view, kinda short in terms of being a novel. But is it really? I … Continue Reading →

How Do You Prep for NaNoWriMo?

NaNo Prep With the vast number of resources out there (see below), the methods of prepping for National Novel Writing Month are numerous. There are outliners, storyboarders, notecarders, pantsers–the list goes on. Me? I outline. I outline the crap out of my novel. I have even been known to outline my outline–it’s … Continue Reading →

A Libra’s Guide to Finishing Your Novel, Part Two: Structure

It’s important to see the finish line when you start the marathon. Which means that it’s helpful for Libra writers to implement some sort of structure into their writing routine. Be it an outline, a notecard stack, or even a murder board like the one used in Castle, structure can … Continue Reading →