Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

The Trailer   What’s New Although this version of Gears of War (official release date: August 25, 2015) is technically a remastering of the original game–released in 2006–so much has been revisited that early reports suggest it will be just as satisfying as playing a whole new game…with the added … Continue Reading →

Mass Effect and Me: A Love Story

The “Meet Cute” I was introduced to Mass Effect by B3 earlier this summer. He and B2 had known and loved Mass Effect for years now, but I was always too busy to make it a priority. You know the story: my job, my friends, my graduate work…they all took … Continue Reading →

Oh, the Horror! (of really scary games!)

  Horror Video Games – An Introduction Confession: I get scared playing Myst! And Riven.  It’s true. Something about slowly exploring an abandoned ANYTHING creeps me out. I get frightened oh-so-easily and it’s absolutely horrible and yet I keep coming back for more. What can I say? As long as … Continue Reading →

Video Games and Storytelling

  A little background I readily admit that my love of stories stems from literature. I read books young and voraciously…even classically…and have never gotten my fill. If you could see my little studio apartment right now you’d find books overflowing my many bookshelves and lying in lovingly haphazard stacks … Continue Reading →

Elegy for a Dead World: A Game About Writing

If you’ve followed us here at TLN for any length of time, you’ve probably realized two things: 1) we’re all writers; and 2) we all love games of one sort or another. Enter Elegy for a Dead World. Elegy for a Dead World is all about creativity, and the makers … Continue Reading →