X is for The X-Files

“Scully had to stay calm, maintain her firing stance, maintain her edge. If she let her anger and frustration simmer through her, then her aim would be off.”  

Happy (belated) Birthday, Stan Lee and Maggie Smith!

Happy Birthday,  Stan Lee!   Happy Birthday, Maggie Smith! We love you!  

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!

Happy Christmas to everyone (and a Happy Normal Day to those who don’t celebrate, and a Very Merry Any Other Holiday for you lovely folks who have other things going on!). Did I cover my bases? Okay! Hopefully you are all out and about and being fabulous, but here are … Continue Reading →

Ash vs Evil Dead

Bruce Campbell Bruce Campbell is the man. Need proof? See this post on my total fangirl moment at ComicCon New Orleans last year. Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, Bubba Ho-Tep…I love them all. Enter Ash vs Evil Dead! Premiering on STARZ this Halloween, Ash vs Evil Dead picks up mere decades … Continue Reading →