A Critter’s First GenCon

Last year, I sat at home watching Critical Role Live and wishing I could be there. I decided then and there that I’d make it happen. After almost a full year of planning and anticipation, I was overwhelmed by nerves in the weeks leading up. I would be traveling alone … Continue Reading →

Review: WizKids Pre-Primed Minis

Until recently, all of my minis have been ordered online, mostly from Reaper Miniatures. I happened to stop into my FLGS for something unrelated and discovered a wall of minis, much to my delight. The manager informed me that these were a new line they’d started carrying. The packaging boasted … Continue Reading →

How We Role: Our Virtual D&D Setup

Because not all of us live in the same place, when we decided to start a D+D campaign, we knew it would have to be a virtual game. It took some trial and error for us to work out the kinks, so this post will cover what we settled on … Continue Reading →

Board Game Bento: Spooky Game Knight, A Review

For those of you who haven’t heard of it yet, Board Game Bento is yet another monthly subscription service but this one is for Board Games. I was skeptical from the beginning because of previous experience with subscription box services. My general impression is that the stuff in these sort … Continue Reading →

Adventures of a New Game Master: STUFF

I first started playing D&D back in college and I was fortunate enough to join an already established group with a DM who owned EVERYTHING we could possibly want: dungeon tiles, minis, dice, and every single 3.5 book in existence. Being rather superstitious, I later had to get my own … Continue Reading →