Star Trek: Beyond a Fandom

I don’t know the exact moment I feel in love with Star Trek because I was so young then. My earliest Star Trek memory was when I was about five years old and my older brother dressed up for Halloween as Commander Riker, complete with fake beard. My mother was … Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!

Happy Christmas to everyone (and a Happy Normal Day to those who don’t celebrate, and a Very Merry Any Other Holiday for you lovely folks who have other things going on!). Did I cover my bases? Okay! Hopefully you are all out and about and being fabulous, but here are … Continue Reading →

What Year Is It?

This was sent to me by a friend recently and I chuckled a bit, but then I gave it more thought. Because on top of the three listed above, there’s also Mad Max: Fury Road, Poltergeist, and the Gem and the Holograms movie. Some say the reason is that there are … Continue Reading →

S is for Spock

Spock In case you somehow don’t know who is he is, Spock is a character from the Star Trek universe. He first appeared in the Original Series (played by the late Leonard Nimoy) and has featured prominently in eight feature films, the animated series, and a two-part special episode of the The … Continue Reading →

Q is for Quinto!

In such a Notable Nerds challenge as this, where one must list nerd alphabetically, Zachary Quinto seemingly has the market cornered on the letter Q. There are other nerds associated with the letter, but Zachary Quinto is a favorite of mine for a number of reasons. Let’s start with Heroes. Sylar … Continue Reading →