The Dreaded Synopsis

  Like, what even is a synopsis, you guys? This month, I’m focusing on final preparations for the transition from writing the thing to (hopefully!) publishing the thing. If you missed my first post on getting published, you can find it here. Last week, I discussed the ever-important query letter. This week, … Continue Reading →

Outlining Your Novel…Again

As I gird my loins for this next (final??) revision, I am revisiting my outlines and notes from the first draft of my current WIP. I don’t want to miss something I once thought important that might actually still be important but has fallen by the wayside during revision. Scary … Continue Reading →

The Story Bible: Needs, Wants, Must-Haves

What’s a Story Bible? Bible in a Binder For those with the need to feel the paper between your fingers, here are recommended supplies for your Bible in a Binder: 3-ring binder, suggested 2″ size Dividers, with 5 tabs. Preferably with pockets. (If you need more tabs, buy a pack of … Continue Reading →

A Libra’s Guide to Finishing Your Novel, Part Two: Structure

It’s important to see the finish line when you start the marathon. Which means that it’s helpful for Libra writers to implement some sort of structure into their writing routine. Be it an outline, a notecard stack, or even a murder board like the one used in Castle, structure can … Continue Reading →

Writing Toolkit: Novelize

  Novelize – An Online Writing Platform Check it out! Novelize is new and up-coming online writing platform that requires zero downloaded software and allows writers to access their work online from any computer or internet-capable mobile device. Novelize features both free and paid versions (monthly subscription), and is impressively … Continue Reading →