Adventures of a New Game Master: STUFF

I first started playing D&D back in college and I was fortunate enough to join an already established group with a DM who owned EVERYTHING we could possibly want: dungeon tiles, minis, dice, and every single 3.5 book in existence. Being rather superstitious, I later had to get my own … Continue Reading →

All the RPG!

I’ve shared many a post related to D&D and similar games. I’ve even started a series of posts following my first steps into running my own games. Today, I’d like to share with you a few RPG shows that I love. Hope you enjoy.  

Adventures of a New Game Master – Part 1

I’ve been a lover of tabletop gaming for pretty much as long as I can remember. I was pulled into the world of Dungeons & Dragons back in college and haven’t looked back since. I’ve played in different groups and with different systems, including various editions of D&D (including the … Continue Reading →

Rock Band 4: Sharpen Your Axe | Writing Playlist Included!

YOU CAN’T STOP THE ROCK. Rock Band was one of those games that a lot of people longed for. Even if we never realized that a Stratocaster-shaped hole existed inside of all of us, Rock Band filled that space and made us whole again. Too dramatic? Perhaps. But, for me, it’s … Continue Reading →

“What’s Old is New” RPG to be Released

“What’s Old is New” is a tabletop RPG like D&D that was funded by kickstarter. O.L.D. is a traditional fantasy RPG while N.E.W. is a futuristic Sci-Fi RPG. But the best part is that they’re made to be completely compatible with each other! Hello time travel campaign! Can’t wait for … Continue Reading →