NaNoWriMo 2016 – Are You Ready?

  The time is nearly upon us, LadyNerders! That’s right! For many, November means harvest festivals, fall decorations, Thanksgiving celebrations. For writers, it means CRAZY STRESS AND WILD WRITING SPREES!! WOOOO!!! Like, I know it’s probably some form of insanity that I sign up for this challenge year after year…but it’s … Continue Reading →

The Rewrite: Keeping Track of Revisions

Revisions – Love ’em, Hate ’em, Gotta Have ’em This is it. This is the final revision. (Cue Europe’s “Final Countdown” synth intro.) This is the final polish, the one I will use when querying for an agent this summer. (It’s finally here!) Here’s the rub: I’ve done something hair-brained and … Continue Reading →

The Dreaded Synopsis

  Like, what even is a synopsis, you guys? This month, I’m focusing on final preparations for the transition from writing the thing to (hopefully!) publishing the thing. If you missed my first post on getting published, you can find it here. Last week, I discussed the ever-important query letter. This week, … Continue Reading →

Writing the Perfect Query Letter

Your query letter is the key. The key to the door. The key to the door of the office of the literary agent who knows the phone numbers of editors at publishing houses who might maybe consider publishing your work. Reading back over that, I realize it sounds a bit … Continue Reading →

Getting Published: Acquiring an Agent

  Ah, literary agents. The high holy grail for many writers, myself included. Side note: “land an agent” always makes me think of fishing…which is rather apt, as metaphors go. Write that tasty bait! Write it! Ahem. Back to the point: if traditional publishing is your goal, then finding good … Continue Reading →