TLN Update – #amreading

Um, let’s see… Fiction: The Weight of Blood by Laura McHugh, Cold Fire by Dean Koontz, and The Burn Palace by Stephen Dobyns. Nonfiction: The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler, Unbeatable Mind by Mark Divine, and The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron         Fiction: The Legend of Drizzt … Continue Reading →

G is for Goodkind

“There is no mercy when fighting the Keeper.”

The Big Wait

  Okay, LadyNerders, I did it. The first 20 query letters are in the wind. (breaths into paper bag) What now? I have a few ideas. Let’s see…   Revise more (as compulsively and unproductively as possible) Oh, wait! I’m already doing this one!   Have nightmares. About all of … Continue Reading →

Time Bangers: A Review of Time-Travel and Sexy Times

One Does Not Simply Walk into Tudor is the first book in the Time Bangers series by Ivery Kirk and Luna Teague. Yes, Time Bangers is exactly what it sounds like: erotica with time travel. Ten years after abandoning their wild sorority life for unfulfilling attempts at adulthood, history buff Beth and science whiz Tawny … Continue Reading →

R is for Rowling

We would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the great J.K. Rowling. The woman brought us Harry Potter and made us all wish we’d find have an owl show up one day and deliver our letter from Hogwarts. J.K. Rowling is one of our notable nerds not just because Harry … Continue Reading →