Varidesk: The Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – A Review

Author’s Note: The Lady Nerds Investigations likes to review products, look into curiosities, and share our findings with our readers. Our reviews and posts are not meant to prescribe any lifestyle, and these opinions may not necessarily be those of every member of the Lady Nerds. As such, take the … Continue Reading →

Writing Playlist: I Love Trance | Music for Productivity

Music for Productivity These writing playlists have all been useful, one way or another–helping you pace an action sequence, capture the darkness of your villain, or even capture the emotions needed for a tear-jerker. But what about productivity? I listened to a lot of techno and trance when I was … Continue Reading →

New Year, New Experiences: Sticking to a Schedule

My approach to productivity is seriously wanting. As explained in my Libra’s Guide to Procrastination, Structure, and Follow-through, I have had to make accommodations for my tendency to…well…procrastinate. I do what any writer does: set goals for myself, work to achieve them, and adjust my life and work skills to make … Continue Reading →

New Year, New Experiences: Meal Prepping

  Around this time last year I wrote a series of posts about improving productivity and work output through revamping your morning routine, avoiding decision fatigue, and maybe even opting for a fashion uniform to save precious brain space. This year, I’m focusing on a more holistic approach. Have you … Continue Reading →

Musical Obsession: Forever For Now by LP

It all began with a suggested playlist on Spotify that I chose at random. I quite enjoyed the playlist and listened to it often, but there was one song in particular I found myself continually going back to: “Night Like This” by LP. So I decided to listen to the … Continue Reading →