Carry On My Wayward Son: A Supernatural Playlist

For those about to rock, we salute you! In honor of the season 12 premiere of Supernatural, I present a Supernatural playlist to get you ready for tonight’s episode. Party on, dudes!  

A Ravenclaw’s Mixtape

“Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw, If you’ve a ready mind, Where those of wit and learning, Will always find their kind.“—The Sorting Hat, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Below you’ve find an entertaining take on a Ravenclaw’s mixtape. Some songs are audibly attractive to fellow Ravenclaws, some songs are quirky intellectual … Continue Reading →

This Week’s High-Speed Chase: Samhain Edition

I love Halloween. Even as an adult, I look forward to this holiday every year. I blame my Irish roots; appreciation for this time of year is in my blood. Explore the history of Halloween here, compliments of You’ll find that Halloween’s origins reach back to the ancient Celtic … Continue Reading →