Critical Cosplay: Holy Symbol of Sarenrae

As noted in a previous post, I’m planning an epic cosplay of Pike Trickfoot from Critical Role. I decided to start out easy and create her holy symbol necklace. The picture above is the completed symbol, now here’s how it came together. Step One: Melt Some Plastic I decided to … Continue Reading →

Amigurumi Kobold

In the D&D campaign that I run, my players met a little kobold named Meepo–an NPC that wasn’t meant to stick around or be anything special, but the group fell in love with him. When we got a new shelf to better organize our game collection, I decided to make … Continue Reading →

Knitted Pony Ears

  Recently a friend of mine found a hat she just had to have. It was a knitted hat with ear flaps but what made it special was that it was designed after Rainbow Dash who just happens to be her favorite pony in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. … Continue Reading →

A Sharktastic Birthday

You may have already seen my post previously about constructing a Sharknado in my kitchen for my roommates birthday. Today I’d like to share with you the other birthday shenanigans we got up to. For the door, we used this idea for a wreath made of “shark bitten” flip-flops. I also, … Continue Reading →

DIY: Sharknado

My roomie just had a birthday and I took it upon myself to make sure it was an unforgettable one. She’s always loved Sharks and also has a deep abiding love for cheesy Sci-Fi movies so naturally she loves the Sharknado movies. So I decided the theme of this birthday … Continue Reading →