Writing and the Ghosts of Christmas

This time of year can be hard. NaNoWriMo is over, the business of the holiday season is in full swing, family and friend demands are at an all-time high, time is limited and precious and elusive, and all around us swirl stories we can’t quite capture. It’s as though all the plotlines … Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo 2016 – Halfway…Hang in There!

  Whew…halfway! How’s everyone holding up? I admit, I’m scrambling…this mid-November slump is real, guys. It’s SO REAL! Fear starts creeping in, the inner editor starts piping up. So consider this your official, hang-in-there, we-can-do-it, pep talk from me to you! We can do! I believe!   … Okay, so … Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo 2016 – Are You Ready?

  The time is nearly upon us, LadyNerders! That’s right! For many, November means harvest festivals, fall decorations, Thanksgiving celebrations. For writers, it means CRAZY STRESS AND WILD WRITING SPREES!! WOOOO!!! Like, I know it’s probably some form of insanity that I sign up for this challenge year after year…but it’s … Continue Reading →

Revising a Series: The Struggle

Revising a Series My current WIP is a five-book series. Five books! What was I thinking!! My initial idea was a trilogy, which is one of the most common ways of writing a YA fantasy story: Make it three! But as I was outlining, I wound up outlining five books. … Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo is Over. Now What?

Congratulations! You did it. You participated in NaNoWriMo, and now you have a novel, or part of one, to show for it. Even if your word count didn’t make it to 50k, even if you only wrote 500 words, you wrote something. And that’s an achievement. Now what? You’ve got this … Continue Reading →