Pinocchio, Show Me Your Strings!

  When I began my research for this post, I managed to dig out my worn copy of Turning Points in Film History by Andrew J. Rausch (a book I recommend, but one that was out of print and difficult to acquire when I purchased it for a college course … Continue Reading →

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Official Teaser!

Get hyped, LadyNerders!! Get freakin’ HYPED!!

R is for Rowling

“Death’s got an Invisibility Cloak?” Harry interrupted again. “So he can sneak up on people,” said Ron. “Sometimes he gets bored of running at them, flapping his arms and shrieking…”  

Batman vs Superman – It’s Almost Time!

Guys, guys, guys! It’s almost time! <wild screeching of excitement>

Happy New Year, Ya Filthy Animal.

We here at TLN wish you a safe and fun new year! Be sure to ring in the festivities responsibly. What did you like best about 2015? What goals do you have set to achieve in 2016? Here’s what I’m excited about in 2016: Movies: Sherlock: The Abominable Bride Deadpool … Continue Reading →