Amigurumi Kobold

In the D&D campaign that I run, my players met a little kobold named Meepo–an NPC that wasn’t meant to stick around or be anything special, but the group fell in love with him. When we got a new shelf to better organize our game collection, I decided to make … Continue Reading →

Nerdy Knits!

It’s no secret that I love to knit. I like to have my fandoms come out in my nerd crafts, like a Doctor Who dice bag that I made for Lady Dynamo’s birthday! If you are also interested in nerdy knitting, here are some great resources: 19 Nerdy Knits from BuzzFeed F*** … Continue Reading →

Weekly Round-Up: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Made with Hasbro’s MLP Create-your-own Valentine Card Maker. The obligatory Valentines Day acknowledgement: wonderfully delightful Valentines that are all puns for book lovers. Numbers 7 and 10 are probably my favorites. This calendar of men in pin-up style with knitted briefs and props. I might be purchasing this to rest … Continue Reading →

Knitted Pony Ears

  Recently a friend of mine found a hat she just had to have. It was a knitted hat with ear flaps but what made it special was that it was designed after Rainbow Dash who just happens to be her favorite pony in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. … Continue Reading →