A Libra’s Guide to Finishing Your Novel, Part Two: Structure

It’s important to see the finish line when you start the marathon. Which means that it’s helpful for Libra writers to implement some sort of structure into their writing routine. Be it an outline, a notecard stack, or even a murder board like the one used in Castle, structure can … Continue Reading →

Meeting Your Characters

Opinions vary on what makes a story memorable or keeps a reader’s attention but for me it all boils down to characters. If I don’t love the characters, I won’t be invested in a story and if I’m not invested, what’s the point? It’s for that reason, that my characters … Continue Reading →


Since this month is all about writing, I decided to have the order of my topics this month follow my writing process. Up first we have Worldbuilding. This will vary quite a bit depending on the genre you’re writing within. For example, if you’re writing something that’s set in a … Continue Reading →

U is for Unbreakable

We’re offering a tip of the hate to the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt herself, but mostly we want to talk about Tina Fey. We have a lot to thank Tina Fey for. She’s been leaving us in stitches for years, on SNL, 30 Rock, and in movies like Mean Girls, Date Night, and Baby Mama … Continue Reading →

R is for Rowling

We would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the great J.K. Rowling. The woman brought us Harry Potter and made us all wish we’d find have an owl show up one day and deliver our letter from Hogwarts. J.K. Rowling is one of our notable nerds not just because Harry … Continue Reading →