Big Scares in Small Packages: ALEXIA

Round Three! Check out One and Two if you missed them! Alrighty, this week’s entry is a Spanish-language film that might actually sound a bit familiar to you creepypasta and nosleep readers out there. I know it did to me. And yet, still effective. Let me know what you think … Continue Reading →

Big Scares in Small Packages: DOWNSTAIRS

Alrighty! Round two! If you missed the first entry, go here. This film is a bit longer, but definitely worth it for the character development. Enjoy! WARNING: CONTAINS DISTURBING IMAGES AND STRONG LANGUAGE. If, you know, that stuff offends. I give you, DOWNSTAIRS

Big Scares in Small Packages: THE WHISTLER

Happy October, guys and gals! In honor of this creepy month, I will be posting a different terror/horror/suspense short film every Monday in October. Lady Dynamo and other tenderhearts out there, avert your eyes! Remember what happened last year? Without further ado, The Whistler:

The Most Terrifying Characters in Film

I grew up watching horror films. A close family member of mine is a fan of the genre, and we grew up watching everything from Salem’s Lot to Dead Alive (I still can’t keep my food down with that second one). I loved best the films that left a lot to the imagination instead … Continue Reading →

Fear and Fascination: Part Three – Zombies

Please note: this post is the third entry in a series on horror and why we love it. To read the previous entries on ghosts and vampires, please click here and here. Introduction Zombie films have a special place in my heart because they combine an old Haitian bogeyman with a dose of humor and gooey special effects. … Continue Reading →