Big Scares in Small Packages: PLAYING WITH THE DEVIL

Okay, LadyNerders, we’ve made it to the final Monday in October. All Hallow’s Eve grows nigh, and the spoops are getting spoopier. If you’ve missed the other entries in this series, you can find them here, here, and here. WARNING: MIGHT MAKE YOU NEVER SLEEP IN THE SAME ROOM AS … Continue Reading →

Big Scares in Small Packages: ALEXIA

Round Three! Check out One and Two if you missed them! Alrighty, this week’s entry is a Spanish-language film that might actually sound a bit familiar to you creepypasta and nosleep readers out there. I know it did to me. And yet, still effective. Let me know what you think … Continue Reading →

Big Scares in Small Packages: DOWNSTAIRS

Alrighty! Round two! If you missed the first entry, go here. This film is a bit longer, but definitely worth it for the character development. Enjoy! WARNING: CONTAINS DISTURBING IMAGES AND STRONG LANGUAGE. If, you know, that stuff offends. I give you, DOWNSTAIRS

Big Scares in Small Packages: THE WHISTLER

Happy October, guys and gals! In honor of this creepy month, I will be posting a different terror/horror/suspense short film every Monday in October. Lady Dynamo and other tenderhearts out there, avert your eyes! Remember what happened last year? Without further ado, The Whistler:

The Most Terrifying Characters in Film

I grew up watching horror films. A close family member of mine is a fan of the genre, and we grew up watching everything from Salem’s Lot to Dead Alive (I still can’t keep my food down with that second one). I loved best the films that left a lot to the imagination instead … Continue Reading →