How We Role: Our Virtual D&D Setup

Because not all of us live in the same place, when we decided to start a D+D campaign, we knew it would have to be a virtual game. It took some trial and error for us to work out the kinks, so this post will cover what we settled on … Continue Reading →

Ever, Jane: An Online Regency RPG

If you’ve been following our blog for very long at all, you’ve probably noticed that other than writing (which is passion numero uno, duh), we are mad crazy about two things: period pieces and video games. In fact, we’ve written about the two topics many times, but only as separate … Continue Reading →

New Experiences: Slaying Dragons

This week was my birthday and my roommate and BFF planned a day of shenanigans to celebrate, but first let’s back up a bit to some related Christmas gifts. I was given some lovely dragon earrings and a necklace that had an adorable dragon holding a d20. The gifts were … Continue Reading →

And to All a Good Night!

Since part one (find it here) was so well received, here’s part two of my Critical Role inspired Christmas poem. In shadows, the figure hit the ground with a clop, The earth shook and Vox Machina came to a stop. The creature straightened and stood at full height, Sharp teeth … Continue Reading →

Extra Life Game Day is TOMORROW

That’s right, tomorrow is the big day! We will be using the wonderful game room at the back of Coliseum of Comics in downtown Lakeland. Come out for a few minutes or stay all day and enjoy some wonderful games. You can donate to the cause online or you can … Continue Reading →