You Can’t Take the Sky From Us

Browncoats. Rebels & Independents. Doers of the Impossible. Big Damn Heroes. Leaves on the Wind. So very pretty–too pretty for God to let us die. My fandoms are many, but none are as dear to me as Firefly. I’m sure many of you can agree. There is something magical about … Continue Reading →

T is for Tudyk. Alan Tudyk.

A leaf on the wind . . . It’s been a great year for Alan Tudyk, who might miss Firefly more than we do. The Notable Nerd for the letter T brings a lot to the nerd table–voice acting credits, BFF status with Joss Whedon, and a really cool web series campaign … Continue Reading →

J is for Joss

I hardly know where to begin with today’s post. Joss Whedon is one of (if not THE) biggest influences on me as a writer/creator of things. He’s given us so many wonderful iconic shows from Buffy & Angel to Firefly to Dollhouse. He does it all: writes, directs, produces, and … Continue Reading →

Notable Nerd Kick-Off: Nathan Fillion

As the unflappable Lady Hawkeye revealed yesterday, we at TLN will be participating in the A to Z Challenge with the theme “Notable Nerds”. Since it’s not yet April 1st, this isn’t officially a part of the Challenge, but we decided to kick things off with a Nerd we all … Continue Reading →