Critical Hit Quilt

In honor of a friend’s birthday, I decided to try myself at something new: quilting. My friend is rather tall and had complained about the fact that he could never find a throw long enough to use comfortably and stay covered. I decided to make the blanket four squares wide … Continue Reading →

Adventures of a New Game Master: STUFF

I first started playing D&D back in college and I was fortunate enough to join an already established group with a DM who owned EVERYTHING we could possibly want: dungeon tiles, minis, dice, and every single 3.5 book in existence. Being rather superstitious, I later had to get my own … Continue Reading →

Rolling Dice & Telling Stories

You may have noticed a flurry of articles about the merits of Dungeons & Dragons recently, all heralding the release of the newest edition and celebrating D&D’s 40th birthday. It was “How Dungeons and Dragons Saved My Life” by Jon Michaud that first caught my attention and he included links … Continue Reading →