ComicCon – New Orleans Style! Pt. 2

  COSTUMES In a word: delightful. I came away completely inspired and ready to put together some awesome cosplay sets of my own! Here are a few of my favorite costumes from ComicCon this year: – Lots of great Deadpools were hanging out in NOLA this weekend. The sass levels … Continue Reading →

My Favorite Characters: Television

I’m one of those people who will watch an entire television series over and over again, from start to finish. I have been known to buy series DVDs when they go on sale (more frequently on Black Friday than any other sale occasion), but with the blessing of Netflix, both … Continue Reading →

The Doctor Would Go 500 Miles . . .

This is my favorite thing in the entire span of space and time, and I can’t believe I haven’t it posted it before now. Enjoy, Whovians!!!

How I Made My Mom a Stargate Fan.

I was born a nerd. In case you haven’t read my About Me, my parents have had a significant influence over my love of all things sci-fi and fantasy. My first memories include playing Mario on the NES with my dad and watching The Wrath of Khan with my mom. When I received … Continue Reading →

Weekly Roundup: Doctors and Superheroes

The Scottish Doctor Who Stayed Scottish. With all of the Whovians reacting to Capaldi, either postively or negatively, I recall BuzzFeed’s post a little over year ago that followed the reaction to Capaldi’s initial unveiling. And then there was the celebrity reaction on Twitter.   Marvel & DC are pretty busy. Another … Continue Reading →