Happy (belated) Birthday, Stan Lee and Maggie Smith!

Happy Birthday,  Stan Lee!   Happy Birthday, Maggie Smith! We love you!  

Writing Outside Your Comfort Zone

  As writers, getting into the “groove” is the name of the game more times than not. But what if that groove is actually a rut? What follows might be creative stagnation we label “WRITER’S BLOCK” and subsequently sob our sad lack of production into our nightcaps. I’m a novelist. … Continue Reading →

Why the World Needs a Well-Written Superman

I am currently rewatching Smallville and having my students compare Superman Returns to Man of Steel. Watching ALL the things gave me an opportunity to consider characters, storylines, and renditions of the Superman lore–and why it’s so bloody difficult for filmmakers to make a good Superman movie. First of all . . . The … Continue Reading →

This Week’s High-Speed Chase

The first photo of Jason Mamoa as Aquaman is out, and that is hella exciting. Netflix is kicking arse and taking names with their new Marvel series coming out. Three more join the cast for AKA Jessica Jones! Hayley Atwell spoke with Variety last month about her role as Peggy Carter, … Continue Reading →

This Week’s High Speed Chase

Go Set a Watchman Here are my initial reactions to hearing that Harper Lee was publishing again: “Imagine being one of the most iconic authors in American literature, releasing a novel fifty years after one of the greatest stories every told rocked the worlds of countless readers.” “Imagine what it’s … Continue Reading →