R is for Rowling

“Death’s got an Invisibility Cloak?” Harry interrupted again. “So he can sneak up on people,” said Ron. “Sometimes he gets bored of running at them, flapping his arms and shrieking…”  

O is for Orson Scott Card

“I think that most of us, anyway, read these stories that we know are not “true” because we’re hungry for another kind of truth: the mythic truth about human nature in general, the particular truth about those life-communities that define our own identity, and the most specific truth of all: … Continue Reading →

L is for L. M. Montgomery and Louisa May Alcott

Lucy Maud Montgomery Author of the Anne of Green Gables books and inspirer of countless Anne-girl fangirls. Also, Gilbert Blythe. “There’s such a lot of different Annes in me. I sometimes think that is why I’m such a troublesome person. If I was just the one Anne it would be ever … Continue Reading →

I is for Inferno

Dante Alighieri’s, that is: “Through me is the way to the city of woe. Through me is the way to sorrow eternal. Through me is the way to the lost below. Justice moved my architect supernal. I was constructed by divine power, supreme wisdom, and love primordial. Before me no … Continue Reading →

G is for Goodkind

“There is no mercy when fighting the Keeper.”