T is for Tudyk. Alan Tudyk.

A leaf on the wind . . .

It’s been a great year for Alan Tudyk, who might miss Firefly more than we do.

The Notable Nerd for the letter T brings a lot to the nerd table–voice acting credits, BFF status with Joss Whedon, and a really cool web series campaign that did a Crazy Ivan and exceeded even his own expectations in its success.

Con Man

Con Man is the brain child of Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion and has raised over $3.1 million through crowdfunding. That’s because Browncoats stick together. Read about the casting here. It’s full of nerdy goodness.

Bravo, Alan! I absolutely can’t wait for the first episode!

Voice Acting

Note: There is an outstanding documentary on Netflix all about voice actors. It’s called I Know That VoiceWATCH. IT. It does a brilliant job of illustrating (pun totally intended) how a voice actor’s job is different from a face actor’s job. (“Face actor” is a term that I just came up with in this very moment of writing this post. This marks a moment in Lady Nerds History.)

Did you know that Alan voiced

  • Sonny (the robot) in iRobot?
  • Chatsberry in Adventure Time?
  • Alistair Krei in Big Hero 6?
  • Superman in Justice League: War?
  • The Duke of Weselton in Frozen?
  • Oliver Queen in Young Justice?
  • Pinky in Robot Chicken?
  • Barry Allen in Batman: The Brave and the Bold?
  • Mr. Squeegee, Scrapheap Head, and Stinger Two, all from Astro Boy?
  • Lenny in Ice Age?
  • …And these don’t include his video game voice credits.

Voice acting requires immense talent, and Alan has that in spades. The ability to use your voice to match a character on screen and capture an audience–it’s something I have a profound respect for. I relate voice actors to the folks behind the scenes of any production–the ones who actually get the project off the ground and make it happen. Screen acting is vital, don’t get me wrong, but the face of the show is only a small percentage of the time and effort that goes into it. Without voice actors, we wouldn’t have the Simpsons or Family Guy or South Park or the countless other animated favorites that we know and love. (I don’t even want to think about where I’d be if Aladdin never existed . . . )

Watch the documentary on voice acting, and watch the videos below to appreciate the comedy and genius of Alan Tudyk.


First we have a quick vid that I captured from MegaCon 2015 during the Firefly panel. Sorry for the shoddy audio; it was taken in haste on my smartphone! The question pertains to Alan and Summer both working on Dollhouse. Summer is really soft spoken, so my device didn’t pick up her voice at all. She essentially said, pertaining to Alan’s part on Dollhouse, “I turned it on, saw how good you were, got jealous, and turned it off.” (That is a very ROUGH paraphrase.)

Alan was by far the funniest man I have ever had the pleasure of seeing live–and he wasn’t even performing! He’s also an admirer of his fans, which is a lovely quality to see in an actor. Every person who asked a question received something signed by him–something random and/or ridiculous, but something, because he loves the people who love him. <3

Here’s a great behind-the-scenes vid of Alan voice acting for Frozen (it also features other voice actors from the film):

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