Storybird: Let Your Imagination Take Flight


Writing is amazing.

It’s a gift and a privilege and I never want to stop. But it is also hard work. Emotionally and mentally exhausting work. Heartbreaking work. And although I don’t like to admit it, sometimes I lose the love on particularly rough writing days. Oh, I still feel the drive to create…always…but the joy? Some days the joy gets buried under impending deadlines, dying characters, and fraying plot strands. Enter Storybird.


Don’t get burned out! Storybird!

Storybird is an online community and creative experience that lets you build a story using beautiful artwork and your own words. I caution you that it can be very addictive and if you’re prone to wild bouts of procrastination, this site might not be your friend. Seriously. But if you need a reminder of how much fun writing can be, free from outlines and expectations and self-editing? Check it out. The community is super positive and welcoming, and the artists who submit their work are incredibly talented.


Great for the classroom, too!

Oh, and for all you lovely educators out there, this site is also an awesome way to show writing students of all ages how much fun storytelling can be! Check out this teacher-oriented tutorial:



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