New Experiences: Slaying Dragons

This week was my birthday and my roommate and BFF planned a day of shenanigans to celebrate, but first let’s back up a bit to some related Christmas gifts. I was given some lovely dragon earrings and a necklace that had an adorable dragon holding a d20. The gifts were accompanied by a note telling me the story of the “Artifact of Creation” that only the holder of the dragon stone (necklace) could recover.

The day began with a note that was left in my room, to be opened when I woke. The first part of the story instructed me to wear the neckalce and earrings I had been given at Christmas and to “prepare for an adventure”. At 10 am precisely, I was allowed to go into my roommates bedroom where the next note awaited me, along with a sweet sword and two magic potions.

The potions were all different types of ciders with photo-shopped labels. I started the day with one health potion and one resistance to fire damage potion. Along the way, I gathered more party members, including a Bard who was well stocked with even more potions.


The next note told me that I would go outside to find a “silver stallion” to take me to my next stop, “The Coliseum of the Mind” where I would gather more information. The “silver stallion” was another friend’s car and this other friend informated me that he would be my GM for the day and handed me a character sheet. I would be playing the part of a dwarf barbarian.

At Coliseum, I was informed to find noble lords, which turned out to be the game Lords of Waterdeep which was one of my gifts for the day and included a note with further directions. This is also where I first met my Bard. The next stop was Starbucks because my roommate knew that I would need caffeine. Also at starbucks, I encountered two more adventurers who held “tomes of knowledge” that I would need to complete my quest, but first I’d have to solve their riddle. After solving the riddle, I was given the 5th edition PHB and DMG. I also gained a Druid and Fighter for my party.

Next, I had to venture to find someone with knowledge of mythical beasts. At a pet store, we found a Ranger who would give the final tome of knowledge to the holder of the dragon stone, but only after I proved my worth by answering questions about “The Eleventh”. After completing this portion of my quest, I was given the Monster Manual. Then we ventured to the final stop, where the dragon would have to be slayed.

On the front lawn of my parents’ house, there was a grid marked out with twine. One space was occupied by the most adorable stuffed dragon. What followed was like a cross between D&D and LARPing. We followed D&D character sheets, and although we had weapons, we still rolled for attacks and damage.


Once the dragon had been slain, I recovered a chest of loot and “The Artifact of Creation” which was, in fact, a beautiful new KitchenAid mixer.


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