Weekly Round-Up: King of the Nerds


  •  A lost Egyptian city was discovered at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea! As someone who LOVED learning about Egyptian culture in school, this article caught my eye and made me day dream about being an archaeologist for the rest of the day.
  • You may already know that I absolutely love Gail Carriger. I love her books as well as her blog posts and based on what I’ve seen of her personality online, I believe she must be absolutely charming in real life as well. This post shows what her writing space looks like and I couldn’t be more jealous.
  • I happened to see a post recently that was something silly like “23 animals you won’t believe are real” and for the most part they were all the weird sea creatures we’ve seen a million times before that are horrifying, but nothing new. However. There was also something adorable on the list: the Fossa. So here’s an article to tell you a little about this adorable cat-like mongoose creature.
  • Lastly, I was just told about this show that I can’t believe I haven’t been watching: King of the Nerds. So below is a video fro one of the competition songs, “Nerds Are King”.

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