Rock Band 4: Sharpen Your Axe | Writing Playlist Included!



Rock Band was one of those games that a lot of people longed for. Even if we never realized that a Stratocaster-shaped hole existed inside of all of us, Rock Band filled that space and made us whole again.

Too dramatic? Perhaps. But, for me, it’s the truth. How many of us out there grew up listening to our parents’ classic rock albums and imagined ourselves as Stevie Ray Vaughn, Nancy Wilson, or Freddie Mercury? Rock Band become the ultimate role-play game–at least it did for me.

Now Rock Band 4 is imminent (the day before my birthday, in case you were curious), and Valhalla is resounding with the praises of the rock gods. New songs, excellent graphics, and FREESTYLE GUITAR SOLOS.

What songs were your favorites? Did you and your band mates always go to the same playlist each time you got together, or were you adventurous in trying out songs that were new and unexplored?

Get the band back together, because it’s time to rock. Check out the video below and rock out to a playlist of my favorite Rock Band jams.


Party on, Nerders.

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