Q is for Quinto!

In such a Notable Nerds challenge as this, where one must list nerd alphabetically, Zachary Quinto seemingly has the market cornered on the letter Q. There are other nerds associated with the letter, but Zachary Quinto is a favorite of mine for a number of reasons.

Let’s start with Heroes.

Sylar was one helluva villain in season one–enigmatic, seemingly psychotic, and devilishly debonair. Zachary Quinto was one of the many elements of the show that had me glued. His portrayal of an apparent madman was captivating, disturbing, and thrilling. His career began earlier than Heroes (imagine my surprise when he was in my mom’s favorite show, 24), but it’s important to note when you meet someone and they capture your attention. Then is when Mr. Quinto captured mine.

Now with Heroes Reborn, there Jack Coleman and Masi Oka are among the cast. Let’s hope for a special appearance from Sylar.

And continue to the stage.

Beyond his ability to act on television, which some have argued to be more challenging than acting in film, Mr. Quinto is a theater-trained actor. Other actors with such credit bring that presence with them to the screen, be it large or small, and I feel that audience can tell a difference. Theater acting is mutable–anything can happen during a live performance, and it’s up to the actor to bring everything together as best as possible. Among Zachary’s theater credits includes Tennessee Williams’s The Glass Menagerie, one of the greatest American plays every written. Williams had a talent for writing complex characters in a minimal space, showing their delicacy and fear and giving us an insider’s look into the human psyche from the stage–not an easy task, which Williams makes to look seamless. Add Zachary Quinto, and you have one stellar performance in store.

And he continues to boldly go.

Every nerd knows about Zachary Quinto’s role as Spock in the Star Trek franchise. With every adaptation and resurrection of past productions, people were skeptical about how the actors would portray their beloved characters (I still remember the verbal lashings people gave over Benedict Cumberbatch being chosen as Kahn, and I also remember the awe and applause his performance elicited), and Zachary Quinto was no exception from both the skepticism and the subsequent praise. He has successfully brought a science fiction character from generations past into the 21st century, and that is a beautiful thing.

Bravo, Zachary.

I look forward to what your future has in store!

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Caution: The Audi commercial below is Spock vs Spock, adorable and wrought with all of the feels.

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