As avid readers, we’ve always dreamed of being a part of a book club but they never seem to work out. The biggest frustration we’ve had with book clubs is the books that are chosen. Book clubs always seem to pick the books you’re supposed to read: award-winners and literary works. Things that may be really great, but not necessarily enjoyable or fun. So The Lady Nerds have decided to remedy this. Remember, this is not another book club because we’ll be reading what we want to read–things we’re actually interested in whether that’s Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery, Steampunk or any other genre that strikes our fancy.

Previously, we’ve picked one book a month for all the ladies to read together. Recently, our very hectic schedules have made that a bit unrealistic. However, we all still love to read and we want to share our wonderful finds with you! When we do find books we love (and that you’ll hopefully love too), we’ll share them using the NABC tag.

Have suggestions for books the ladies might like? Share them in the comments below or by visiting our contact page.

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