Let’s Talk About Death!

As Halloween nears, we find ourselves concerned with ghouls, witches, zombies, and (quite possibly) Sharknados. With roots of ancient Samhain festivals, Halloween prompts us to think about bringing those from the grave/afterlife back into the waking world. This past weekend, I was forced to think about more than the monsters and goblins that haunt my favorite Halloween movies. I attended the funeral of a Great Aunt and met death head on. Having just read Caitlin Doughty’s new book Smoke Gets In Your Eyes: And Other Lessons From the Crematory, I approached this funeral differently than those I’ve attended in the past. I’ve joined the throng of Deathlings Caitlin has acquired, and I’ve embraced the idea of death positivity. While I grieved with my family and attended the service (wake, service, gravesite, and gathering after it all), I went in with a completely new perspective on the death industry and what it means to leave a legacy. So why am I bringing this up on The Lady Nerds blog? I wanted to give you, our dear readers, a plethora of resources to weed through as you contemplate life and death this Halloween weekend. I encourage you to enjoy the festivities. Dress up! Pass out candy! Put on Hocus Pocus and Halloween Town! Carve those pumpkins and put up your spooky décor! And when it’s all done… take a moment to look death in the face.


After all, today is Create a Great Funeral Day! I encourage you to talk to your loved ones and discuss your wishes (regardless of how old you are).


Some of my favorite links:

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And if you decide to dress up as Morticia Addams while you’re doing all of the above, I won’t judge! I’d actually be pretty jealous.


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