Jurassic World: They Spared No Expense

In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen it yet, let’s start off with a trailer for Jurassic World, the fourth film in the Jurassic Park franchise.

My roommate happens to be pretty much the biggest Jurassic Park fangirl you could ever think to meet. No, seriously, it’s true. She’s been obsessed with Dinosaurs for most of her life and has the movies pretty much memorized. So, naturally, I knew as soon as every trailer or sneak peak was released.

So the big question here is was it worth all the hype? Absolutely. So let’s break it down.

All The Nostalgia!

Let’s face it, we’ve all be anxious for this movie because the original film holds a special place in our hearts. Naturally, Jurassic World capitalizes on this fact with several references back to the original.

One of the park employees (played by the scruffy and adorable Jake Johnson) is actually wearing a t-shirt from the original park, which he claims cost him $150 on Ebay.

Guests on the monorail are informed that the original gates were adapted to use for the entrance and we even got to see what’s become of the original visitor’s center.

When the T-Rex appears, it’s meant to be the same T-Rex from the original park and once again, she battles the other big-bad-dino (inadvertently) save our protagonists.

You may also remember that in the original film, John Hammond repeatedly comments that he spared no expense in building the park. The new owner and CEO, Mr. Misrani, comments to Claire that John told him to “spare no expense” when building the park. This made me giggle like mad since we had just watched the original movie and kept commenting on Hammond’s overuse of the word.

Another iconic piece of these films has always been the soundtrack. The Jurassic Park theme is one that is immediately recognizable. Jurassic World stays true to the theme, while still giving us something new.

However, I did agree with Buzzfeed on the subject of Dr. Ian Malcolm’s marked absence from this newest installment.

Clever Girls

There was an article I read recently that raised concerns over the possibility of sexism in the newest film. It pointed out that the original Jurassic Park was full of references to the “clever girls”. You can read the full article here.

The article shows a clip that was released and from that clip–without context–I can understand the concern. In the clip, Claire comes across as very stiff and lifeless and is the but of several sexual remarks by the dreamy Owen Grady.

There’s also a moment when she talks to her sister, who basically tells Claire she needs to have babies and that it’ll be worth whatever she gives up. However, Claire’s reaction is one that I’ve experienced many times–the I’ll-bite-my-tongue-so-I-don’t-offend-you-but-I-really-don’t-need-you-to-put-me-in-your-gender-box-kthnx reaction familiar to any woman who wants to do something other than be a mom.

Others have commented that she loosens up because of the flirty from her male counterpart, but I think they’re seeing what they want to see. Does she change over the course of the film? Of course. How could you not in that scenario? But she not only keeps up with the male hero, it’s actually her own resourcefulness and guts that ultimately saves them all.

Another criticism is that the development of her character is all about transforming her into a motherly figure. She’s not maternal in the beginning of the film–she’s a careerwoman–but she’s still not a mother hen at the end. Does she do whatever it takes to save her nephews? Yeah. Because she’s not heartless and they’re her family. She does what it takes to survive and get her family out alive.

Let us also not forget that a big part of the story in the original Jurassic Park was that Dr. Alan Grant hated kids at the beginning but was forced to protect them and care for them when shit got cray. By the end of the film, they were cuddled up with him rather than with their actual grandfather. Because he was a man no one made the claims that it was sexist to have his character develop in this way.

Final Thoughts

Despite all the negative articles I’ve read about the film, I still found it rather enjoyable. If you loved the other Jurassic Park films, I think you’ll love this one too. After all, Chris Pratt leads a band of raptors through the woods, what’s not to love? And lastly, I leave you with this gem that Lady Hawkeye shared with me.

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