Inkshares Fantasy Writing Contest

Pre-Order The Silver Cage

What is Inkshares?

Think of it sort of like Kickstarter for books–crowdfunded publishing. Authors can post book ideas which can then be turned into drafts with samples, and eventually listed for pre-order. Once a book is in pre-order status, readers can contribute money to the project to fund its publication. Once 250 pre-orders have been sold, the book is funded for a limited release. If the book sells at least 750 pre-orders, it will get a larger release. Seriously, it’s awesome.

The Contest

Geek & Sundry is sponsoring a contest running from August 1st to November 1st for all novels listed for pre-order in the Fantasy genre. The 3 books that sell the most pre-orders during that time, will win the contest. Of those three, Geek & Sundry will choose their favorite to be added to their collection.

How to Participate

If you’re a writer and you’d like to enter the contest, Inkshares is super easy to use. You can get started with just a brief statement of your idea for a novel. You can make your ideas and drafts public, or keep them private until you have developed them further. When you’re ready to take the plunge, start selling pre-orders!

If you’re a reader,  you can browser the projects on Inkshares and leave comments/feedback on drafts, follow projects, and buy pre-orders for your favorites. If you follow a project, you’ll be able to receive updates from the author. Only unique pre-orders count toward number to fund. So if one person does multiple orders, it’s not considered multiple entries. Inkshares wants to see how many different people are interested in the project to gauge how popular it’ll be on the market.

My Entry

I’ve entered a book in the contest, titled The Silver Cage. The novel title may sound familiar to long-time TLN readers. I had previously released a self-published ebook of the same name, but it was not a full-length novel and as I began writing what would have been book 2, I realized that it should be combined into one longer novel. Thus began a lengthy restructure and rewrite to construct a more complete book.

About The Silver Cage (Numinous Chronicles, Book 1)

Silver Cage Inkshares Cover (resized)Amelia grew up in a world of werewolves and vampires and shapeshifters, but she left that life long ago. Until an injured werewolf shows up outside her cabin. Torn between her instinct as nurse to offer help and the fear that makes her want to run far and fast from that world, she looks closer only to realize that this isn’t just any werewolf. She knows him.

Unwilling to leave him alone to die in the woods, Amelia returns to a world she thought she’d never be a part of again. Now she’s wrapped up in an investigation by The Numinous–a secret organization created by supernatural beings with the goal of guarding their secrets from the human world.

Werewolves are being taken. Ethan is the first to be found alive, but too many questions still remain: who is responsible and what are they trying to accomplish?

View the project on Inkshares to read the first chapter.

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