ICYMI: A Marvelous Challenge

Sports fans and Marvel nerds alike have reasons to celebrate.

The 49th annual BIG GAME (still terrified) brought a bet between Chris Evans and Chris Pratt–two Marvel Chrises, both alike in dignity, in fair University of Phoenix Stadium, where we lay our scene . . .

The Patriots may have won, but Seattle will not be without Captain America and Starlord. Chris Evans tweeted,

Chris Evans SB Tweet 1 Chris Evans SB Tweet 2 Chris Evans SB Tweet 3

And, certainly, Christopher’s Haven shall have their special guest:

Chris Pratt SB Tweet 1

Well played, gents! You’ve made all of us at The Lady Nerds proud.

For those of you out there interested in helping, please visit the links below for ways to help! Share your time, donate to the cause, or hold a fundraiser–all for a smile on a child’s face. Sounds pretty good to us.

Seattle Children’s Hospital

Christopher’s Haven

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