How to Throw a Star Wars Party

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This is an intergalactic event. Merriment must be had! In this post, you will find the resources that you will need (short of the released films, themselves) to throw one spectacular Star Wars party.

The BuzzFeed is a neat list, especially when you want a light saber but don’t want to spend a whole heckuva lot of cash (especially since Christmas is T minus 9 days away). You can just make one out of swimming pool noodles and you can have a Noodle Battle like John and Hank Green when they go to the beach:

Binge Star Wars Responsibly

As a binge watching enthusiast, always be safe and responsible when watching multiple films for several hours of fun. Make sure to do the following to stay healthy while having fun:

  • Have healthy snacks along with junk food (you can use carrot sticks and celery sticks as edible light sabers!)
  • Drink plenty of water and try to minimize soda/energy drink consumption
  • Have 5-minute intermissions every 45 minutes to stand and stretch (and have a quick impromptu light saber fight!)
  • Every time characters battle (light sabers, blasters, what have you), follow their choreography to fight along side them!

Bonding with Loved Ones

Especially important this holiday season! Have youngsters? They can help you prep the food and make decorations! This will help make their Star Wars experience memorable, especially if they’re new to the struggle with the Imperial forces.

While you’re decorating and baking and prepping, enjoy this playlist of Star Wars and galactic jams!


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