Writing Playlists: Getting Into Character

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I’ve always been the sort of person that has to have music all the time. No matter what I’m doing, I’m listening to music. Even when I read, I find a good film score or some classical to listen to. Part of that habit started because I was an avid reader growing up in a crowded, noisy house as a kid. I needed to block out the noisy distractions, so I saved up money to get myself a CD of classical piano songs to listen to in my faithful discman.

Fast forward a bit, and the esteemed Ms. Vivien Chase introduced me to the idea of creating a playlist (or mix tape/CD) for individual characters. I’ve found this to be an enormously helpful tool not just in my writing endeavors, but also in RPGs like D&D. For example, I’ve recently been playing a lot of country music, getting into the head of a character who grew up in a small country town, but last night I was headed out to a role-playing session where I’m taking on the role of a Klingon Warrior so for the drive out, I turned to some prog rock to prepare for battle.

Thanks to Spotify, it’s super easy to quickly throw together some awesome playlists and share them with the world. Geek & Sundry has recently done just that with their Critical Role Character playlists, which are just amazing. I’m particularly fond of Pike’s Playlist if you’re looking for somewhere to start.


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