Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

The Trailer


What’s New

Although this version of Gears of War (official release date: August 25, 2015) is technically a remastering of the original game–released in 2006–so much has been revisited that early reports suggest it will be just as satisfying as playing a whole new game…with the added bonus of already knowing you love it.

The Ultimate Edition includes tons of brand new content, including 5 campaign chapters that were never released on the XBox platform. Players will also gain early access to the upcoming multiplayer beta for Gears of War 4, which is slated for release in 2016.


Why It’s Exciting

In addition to new content, the remastering for 1080p/60fps,  and the overall modernization (a lot happens in 10 years!), the Ultimate Edition is also introducing a few features that will appeal to the more hardcore of my gamer friends out there. Namely, the addition of dedicated servers, a new skill-based ranking system, improved sensitivity controls, shout-casting, and LAN capabilities for the online multiplayer.

  • In the first game, the act of hosting a game would give one player the potential advantage (faster weapon firing and better reactions times), but the addition of dedicated servers for the online multiplayer eliminates this issue and guarantees an equal connection for all players.
  • The new skill ranked matchmaking system for multiplayer means you’ll match players who similar to you in skill, rather than in experience or hours played.
  • Improved sensitivity controls and fewer god-like weapons equals more balanced gameplay to even the playing field. These changes lend themselves to a more skill-based, competitive play model.
  • Two spots for in-game commentators will improves the experience for potential viewers (that’s me!) as the shout-casters  aggressively and enthusiastically call out the action in real time.
  • LAN capabilities for offline connected gaming between multiple XBox consoles means the game is perfectly suited out-the-door for tournaments and other group-gaming situations (i.e. a professional league).


What to Look For

Because so many of the technical advances seem tailer-made for the competitive gaming circuit, be on the lookout for tournaments and other professionalization opportunities related to Gears of War: The Ultimate Edition.

We’ll also be eager to hear the early reports on the success of the multiplayer beta for Gears of War 4.


Your turn, LadyNerders! Tell us in the comments below what you think about the upcoming Gears of War game(s)! Are you interested in seeing a Gears tournament? Playing in one? Let us know. 

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