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If you’ve been following our blog for very long at all, you’ve probably noticed that other than writing (which is passion numero uno, duh), we are mad crazy about two things: period pieces and video games. In fact, we’ve written about the two topics many times, but only as separate entities.

Check out some of our favorites from the archives:

But now, dear readers, we get to write about both at once, thanks to the lovely geniuses behind Ever, Jane, an online role playing game set in the fictional village of Tyrehampton. This digital rendering of Austen’s world is still being expanded, but currently features a village green, shops, meeting houses, a wealthy estate (helloooo Mr. Knightly), and of course a CHURCH. FOR WEDDINGS. We assume.


(image from everjane.com)

According to their website, this Regency RPG will also be full of Austen’s famous wit and games of manners:

Ever, Jane is an on-line role-playing game set in the virtual world of Regency England and the works of Jane Austen. Unlike many multi-player games, it’s not about kill or be killed but invite or be invited. Gossip is our weapon of choice. Instead of raids, we will have grand balls. Instead of dungeons, we will have dinner parties.

Ever, Jane is in open beta right now, so get thyself over there and sign up to begin developing your character and backstory. Who you are and where you’re from are currency in Tyrehampton, just like they were in Austen’s day. Oh, and did I mention the SHOPPING? Yes. There are dresses. And…hats. And those dashing red military uniforms that tend to lead fair maidens astray. *cough* Lydia Bennett *cough* *cough*

The website also outlines 5 active and 5 passive character traits that players can use to set themselves apart (or to blend right in!).

Active Character Traits

  • Status
  • Happiness
  • Kindness
  • Duty
  • Reputation

Passive Character Traits

  • Gentility
  • Wealth
  • Beauty
  • Grace
  • Wit

If you’re familiar with Jane Austen, these character traits should make sense to you, since they capture the way Austen differentiated between the different characters that populated her novels. Who would you be in an Austen novel? A heroine? A villain? A matchmaker? A gossip?

In Ever, Jane, personality and character traits are very important. Are you like Marianne Dashwood who prefers happiness over duty? Are you like Fanny Dashwood who deems status more important than kindness? Work to improve those traits that are in line with your character and the personality that you’ve chosen to play, and weave them throughout your roleplay experiences.

Definitely expect to devote some time to working the social system and shopping for the perfect gown, as getting invited to the ball isn’t a guarantee. And let’s be real…we all want to go to the ball!

Farewell, Ladynerders! See you in Tyrehampton!

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