Critical Hit Quilt

In honor of a friend’s birthday, I decided to try myself at something new: quilting. My friend is rather tall and had complained about the fact that he could never find a throw long enough to use comfortably and stay covered. I decided to make the blanket four squares wide by five squares tall and used 14″ squares. I chose red and orange cotton for the squares and plain white cotton for the dice.

I was able to find line art of the various dice online and printed out full page photos. I cut the photos out and then used them as the patterns for cutting the dice out. My blanket included 3 each of d4, d5, d8, d10, d12, and d20. Once all pieces were cut out, I was able to trace the lines of the dice onto the fabric lightly in pencil as seen below.


Next, I used my sewing machine to sew down the dice on each side and along the traced lines.IMG_0874

Once the dice appliques were sewn onto the squares, the numbers needed to be added. My roommate stepped in and helped by doing all the numbers by hand. Additionally, we had 2 open squares in the middle and she hand-embroidered the D&D logo in one of them.


I laid the squares out before stitching them together to make sure that I didn’t have any two of the same dice together. Once I was satisfied with the layout, I began stitching the squares together. As mentioned above, one of the empty squares in the middle was used for the D&D log. The other was used for an iron-on transfer of our friend’s character sheet.


After sewing the front part of the quilt together, we used a large piece of fleece as the backing for the quilt. We pinned the front and back with right sides together and sewed most of the border. We trimmed the excess fleece and turned the quilt right-side out and finished the final corner.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the finished quilt, so I’ll update the post when I get a picture later.

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