Critical Cosplay: Holy Symbol of Sarenrae


As noted in a previous post, I’m planning an epic cosplay of Pike Trickfoot from Critical Role. I decided to start out easy and create her holy symbol necklace. The picture above is the completed symbol, now here’s how it came together.

Step One: Melt Some Plastic

I decided to use InstaMorph plastic that melts in boiling water. Once it cools back down it’s pretty sturdy. And the bets part? If you don’t like how it turned out, just melt it again and start over.



Step Two: Mold the Pieces

When you take the plastic out of the water,  try to break off just what you need. Because of the extra moisture from the water, it’s difficult to mold smaller pieces together. And it cools down fast!

If you don’t like it and you’re going to have to melt back down, large pieces will take a long time to melt, so if you can break it up before letting it solidify completely, it’ll help melting it again later.

After shaping the “rays”, I had to melt the middle circle down and roll it out a bit larger for it to all fit together size wise. I also made sure to shape the the top ray to include a hole for stringing the symbol onto a necklace.


Step Three: Assemble!

For assembling, I pressed the rays into the circle while it was still soft, so they would fit snugly together. They still needed to be secured a bit better, so I was able to easily pop the rays back off and add some super glue.


Step Four: Prime & Paint

I already had some primer on hand for painting mini figures for my D&D group, so I used that to prepare the slick white plastic for painting. Without priming, most paint would just scrape right off over time.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any metallic paint on hand, but I had some gold glitter paint. I might change the paint job later, but for now I’m pretty happy with my holy symbol of Sarenrae.



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