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Greetings, ladynerders! We have a lot of great things planned for you lovelies this year, so read on to find out about some of what’s coming soon!

More Variety – Broader Range of Topics

In 2016, we focused a lot on writing. M.E. and Viv were polishing projects, querying agents, and publishing comic books, while Kandis focused on a major overhaul of her existing manuscript. We were up to our eyeballs in work trying to fit writing in around our day-jobs…and it was an amazing year!

However, TLN was designed to be about more than just writing, and in 2017 we look forward to broadening our focus once again to include all the other things we love so much. So be on the lookout for some exciting new articles on all kinds of crazy awesome fandom stuff!

And if you primarily stop in for our writing posts, then fear not – we’re not abandoning the topic. Our lives revolve around our creative work (as much as possible…again, day-jobs!), so we’re bound to find things to say about writing this year. I mean, we’ll be querying new projects soon, soooooo….

I LOVE DUNGEONS & DRAGONS (and other tabletop RPGs)!

Uh, yeah we do. From Critical Role to Titansgrave to our very own TLN campaign, we are all about the tabletop RPGs over here, and we’re looking forward to sharing our love of this nerdy goodness with all of you! I’m talking Critical Role episode analysis (watch out! spoilers!), Notes from a Dungeon Master by our own beloved DM Kandis, what D&D has taught me (M.E.) about storytelling and character development, and maybe even a very special TLN podcast experience as we get all super emotionally invested in fictional characters and then cry about it. I mean, talk about it. Errrr…probably both.

Honestly, we’re planning all kinds of great content for you lovely readers this year, but we’re especially thrilled to share our own D&D adventures with all of you!

Our little group is called femina fortis, and we are currently several weeks into our first campaign (Curse of Strahd! It’s so scary!), and things are already super awesome and super awful (mostly the Bad Guy’s fault. Mostly). This is my absolute first time playing Dungeons & Dragons and with barely six months of Critical Role viewing under my belt, I have a ton left to learn. Just going through the process of character creation was quite eye-opening, but I am now the proud player of a half-orc barbarian named Mug.

She’s great at almost everything…except like, people skills. And investigating stuff. Yeah. Over the next few months we’ll be introducing our little troop to the world, complete with backstories, playlists, and maybe even some concept art! Stay tuned!

Because we live too far apart to gather together for D&D every weekend, we’ve experimented with a few different online methods to make our campaign come alive. We’ve used, Fantasy Grounds, Skype, Google Hangouts, and FaceTime in various combinations. We’ve finally settled on a set-up that works for us, and will be sharing what we’re doing and why, in case anyone else out there is looking to start up their own long-distance game!

TLN Comic Adventures

Okay, this one has been a long time coming, I admit. I began planning a comic strip for the blog around two years ago, but didn’t have the equipment to turn my rough sketches into anything resembling decent work. Well, that has finally changed, and a TLN-themed comic strip is officially on it’s way! Whew!


That’s it for me this week, ladynerders! Stay awesome! And don’t forget to drop us a line in the comments below if you have any suggestions for other ways we can expand and improve here at TLN! You guys RAWK!

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