ComicCon – New Orleans Style! Pt. 2

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In a word: delightful. I came away completely inspired and ready to put together some awesome cosplay sets of my own! Here are a few of my favorite costumes from ComicCon this year:

– Lots of great Deadpools were hanging out in NOLA this weekend. The sass levels were off the charts.

– TONS of Harry Potter peoples, including both student and professor costumes. The sincerity of the kids in costume was inspiring, and I was thrilled to see some fellow grownup HP fans present. I love me some Bellatrix!  She’s on my personal cosplay list for sure.

– An unbelievably awesome Predator was stomping around on Saturday. Like, I think maybe the dude stole one from the set a few decades ago, because it was perfect. And terrifying.

– A super impressive Groot costume stole the show during the costume contest, though I found his Rocket Raccoon accessory (which appeared to be an actual taxidermy raccoon) a touch creepy. The overall result was pretty great, though.

– I spotted an Alexia Terabotti in the costume contest and totally fangirled. Alone. Oh, well.

– Family cosplays are a favorite of mine, and I definitely had to hide my tears from B3 when a father-mother-daughter combo featuring the Doctor, River, and a little Dalek crossed the stage. I get really emotional about River and Eleven, okay?! IT’S JUST SO SAD AND BEAUTIFUL AND SAD!!

Doctor Who cosplay



Well, it’s a tie, actually, so:


That’s better.


On Saturday, B3 and I were walking through the lobby when I spotted the tiniest TMNT ever. He couldn’t have been older than three, but was completely decked out in a full Donatello costume. His dad was sitting on the floor next to him, and they appeared to be taking a break from the action for a few minutes. The action, however, didn’t take a break from them. As we watched, a HUGE Shredder came clomping by. We’re talking what looked and sounded like full metal armor on a big man with big muscles. Very impressive. The tiny turtle stood frozen to the spot for a moment, his eyes huge as he took in his giant enemy. Then all at once he clenched his fists and took a step toward the Shredder. His dad stopped him just in time (that Shredder was in major trouble, guys) with a, “Whoah, buddy! Where ya goin’? You gonna fight ‘im?” The kid nodded. DAY. MADE.

#1 (also)

Also on Saturday, B3 and I were wandering around the exhibition hall (so much to see!), when I noticed a somewhat frazzled looking woman half-running as she tried to keep up with a small child. Slightly concerned at first, I stopped to watch. I’m so glad I did! The boy–around 5 or 6–was dressed in full Harry Potter gear, complete with round-framed glasses, a lightening bolt scar, and a Gryffindor tie. Excellent. Even better, however, was what he was doing. Armed with his trusty wand, young Harry was dashing about casting spells at every costumed villain he could find! Most of his yells were gibberish, but I’m pretty sure I heard at least one “expelliarmus!” in there somewhere. The best part? Quite a few of the villains (including one particularly dramatic Deadpool) fell immediately to the floor, stunned by magic. His poor mother…she didn’t stand a chance against their combined imaginations. Amazing.


What about you? What are the best costumes or other convention sights you’ve seen? Tell us in the comments below!

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