ComicCon – New Orleans Style! Pt. 1

Nerd Heaven

Nerd heaven. That just about sums up the magic that is ComicCon. Or MegaCon. Or FandomFest. All good. All favorite. However, the convention that is currently most near and dear is Wizard World’s ComicCon! This past weekend, I spent an awesome three days completely immersed in comic book awesomeness, accompanied only by brother #3 (henceforth known as B3, and not to be confused with B2 and B1). Keep reading to find out our favorite things about the convention!

Please note: items below are NOT listed in any sort of discernible order. All good. All favorite. Remember?



Definitely one of the cooler things about conventions is the presence of nerdtastic special guests who join us for a few days of glorious (sort of) mingling. Sad fact: I only have potato quality photos from the weekend because all were taken with my phone. I know, I know. Sorry.

Tom Felton

Yeah, he’s awesome. While I admit to hating everything about the weasel Draco Malfoy, real life Tom Felton is absolutely lovely and treated his intensely passionate fans with both humility and respect. You go, Tom Felton. I didn’t even attempt to take a picture of the dapper fellow due to my great distance from the stage (all those girls near the front must have slept in there or something!): image1

Too far away for potato phone camera 

Karl Urban

He was charming and funny and even left the stage to take a selfie with one special fan. He talked about a Dredd sequel (!!!) and LOTR and quoted Star Trek. B3 and I managed to inch a bit closer due to the mass exodus of Felton’s fan club, so I captured an only moderately pixelated photo or two of Mr. Urban:


He is really really ridiculously good looking. 


Ahem. Yes. The man I was most excited to see was ALSO the one I managed to get closest to (though still didn’t actually meet…sigh). He is glorious. B3 and I sat in on one of several live filmings of a game show for ConTV. Mr. Campbell, in all his snarky, sarcastic amazingness was hosting. I was exceedingly grateful that I had insisted B3 watch Army of Darkness and a few other choice films, so that in spite of his youth, he was pretty stoked to be there, too. We weren’t pop cultured enough to make it on stage, but managed fourth row seats at least:

image16Reader, I think I love him


Kevin Conroy

No picture (potato or otherwise) to be had here, I’m afraid. I never spotted Mr. Conroy out of his photo/autograph booth, and all the mean signs told me I couldn’t photograph him there. Sad face. However, his line was always longer than most (if not all) of the other celebrities there, which brought me great joy. Because seriously: He’s Batman.


Michael Rooker

Okay, no photo here, either, for the same reasons as above. But I do have a brief anecdote. While B3 and I were skulking amongst the celebrity booths trying to catch glimpses of the pretty and popular (yes, Ian Somerhalder IS a beautiful vampire  in real life), we heard a frighteningly familiar yell followed by a laugh from the other side of the curtain. The yell and the laugh filled us both with fear for just the wee bittiest of a moment. So yeah…I guess I’m a little not good at separating actors from their characters. FUN FACT.


We also got to learn storytelling tips from a famous comic book writer, met some up-and-coming comic book and novel artists/writers, and witnessed some amazing cosplay in action. Stay tuned for Part Two on Monday to find out more!

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